Government Shutdown 2013

Lawn in front of the White House, Washington, ...

I know that everyone has their own opinion about the Government shutdown, that includes me.  I am more on the side that the shutdown is caused by both sides, Democrats and Republicans.  We have to many politicians in Washington these days and not enough Statesman.

According to the World Book Dictionary, a politician is “A person who gives much time to political affairs; a person who is experienced in politics.” A statesman is defined as “A person who is skilled in the management of public or national affairs.” The difference in definitions is subtle, but the difference in practice is enormous.

The people we elect to represent us are mostly only in it for the money, influence and corporate connections they make not the people they really represent.  Until we can get men and women to Washington that are Statesman we will always have these issues no matter what party is in the White House.

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